Ronald Graham Hiscock

Artist and Animator

I am a dedicated and steady worker who enjoys dealing with the often strange surprises that confront those in the art and animation industry. My strengths lie in creating concept art, as a storyboard artist, in 3D modeling and environments, location design, and layout. I have shouldered the responsibility of supervising a large group of artists, and the challenges of keeping the production moving and on time. I have been fortunate to be involved in the formulation of the design stage of certain projects, and have been instrumental in developing the style and look of various productions. For freelance projects and my own personal art, I enjoy experimenting with various styles and mediums whenever possible. I look forward to having the next challenge begin.

- Ronald G. Hiscock, artist



Strengths lie in concept art, storyboarding, location design, prop design, and layout

Classically trained animator with a strong fine arts background

Computer animator trained in Maya 6 and 3D Studio Max 7; strengths lie in environments and modeling

For samples of my art, please see the Portfolio.

For a resume of my work experience and education, please see my CV.

Image of tall ship created in 3D Studio Max 7, part of animated sequence, March 2005

Thanks go out to everyone who has helped me scan artwork, colour images, and provided me with web space:

  • Kanthara
  • Blade
  • Jeff Leblanc
  • Talyesin
  • A. Murphy-Hiscock

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