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On my own time, I engage in many different kinds of art. I enjoy drawing the people and characters who pop into my head. I have several very different styles, as you will see.

These are examples of a variety of drawings featuring people and characters from my own imagination. Most are in rough or clean sketch form, as I enjoy the energy in my rough sketches and usually have little desire to ink them, or colour them. Some of these images, such as Curtain Call, began as little thumbnail roughs in the corner of a sketchbook, which I later enlarged and cleaned.

For a full-size view of the drawing (if available), click on the image.

This is a clean sketch of Guenna, a character created for an interactive storytelling sequence by fellow artist Rob St. Martin. Guenna is a swordswoman and a smart-aleck. The original measures approximately 8 x 10, and is in a sketchbook of acid-free paper. The medium used was green Col-erase pencil.

This is a half-clean sketch of Angus Corsairr, a gentleman pirate captain, also created for the same interactive storytelling sequence. The original measures approximately 8 x 10, and is in a sketchbook of acid-free paper. The medium used was blue Col-erase pencil.

In spring of 2004, I began designing a series of oil paintings based on Celtic mythology. This concept art is a rough sketch of a Raven Woman. The original is on an 11 x 14 inch sheet of ivory acid-free paper, and the medium used was dark brown and sienna brown Conte pencil.

In the late 1990s I had the fortune to work with a local theatre company as they mounted various productions of Savoy operas. This is a picture of my favourite leading lady as she might have appeared in the 1880s, taking her curtain call after a performance. The original art is approximately 11 x 14, and was done in lead pencil and blue Col-erase pencil on acid-free paper. The final line work was done in black ink. The faint shading was done with light blue Col-erase pencil. The work was never developed further because I liked the sketch quality of it. The original artwork was framed and now hangs in a private home in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

This is a rough sketch of Reginald, a man who does not age, and whose past lies in a shadowed era in Scotland preceding the first Crusade. The original is on a double-page spread of an acid-free sketchbook, and thus measures approximately 20 x 11 inches, and was done in pencil.

This is Claymore, an original character designed to function in the universe of the Gargoyles animated television series. This is an example of one of my inked drawings that was then scanned and coloured on computer by the lovely and talented Kanthara.

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