Ronald Graham Hiscock

Artist and Animator

Concept Art

I enjoy being on board with a project in the planning stages, because my art can help develop the world in which a production is set. In 2005-06, I had the opportunity to work with a core team of writers and directors to develop an entire world in this fashion. Here are some examples of the art I did to help establish the different regions of the world, the quests, and the general look of the production.

I apologize for the quality of these images: they are photographs of the original concept art pinned up on walls, not scans of the original art itself. Also, please keep in mind that developmental and concept art is often rough and done on the fly, so the presentation isn't always perfect on these pieces.

For a larger view of the art (if available), click on the image.

A black and white cleaned version of one of the seminal pieces of concept art for this project.

This is a full colour version of the black and white sketch above, coloured in Photoshop.

A rare chance to see the desk of the artist! The sketchbook is open to a concept sketch of a train specifically designed for one of the environments, and to the right of the picture is a rough map of the world being developed.

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